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We want to hire a Senior Data Scientist who is passionate about future mobility and who drives our shuttle business to success.

MOIA is an innovative mobility company that will change people’s lives by re-imagining urban mobility. MOIA will create services that enable more people to move more freely and securely, ultimately making cities better places to live. We will free up the movement of people and goods within cities whilst making mobility accessible to everyone. That means we will:

  • Make city traffic clean, safe and silent
  • Create more time and space for people
  • Bring affordable and convenient mobility to everybody

We would be delighted if you were to accompany us on this exciting and challenging journey. We are not only looking for candidates to fill our job vacancies; we want you as a crucial part of our team. Our core competence is passion.

What you will do

You will work in close cooperation with the data scientists and data engineers in Germany. Don’t worry, you would still have enough time to focus on actual data science. You would:

  • Support the business by analyzing different internal and external data streams and collected information
  • Solve critical problems in the real world through machine learning, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, statistics and data modelling

What we expect

Our ideal candidate has an applicable education and enthusiastic attitude towards all things related to data analysis. You can be a seasoned veteran of data analytics or someone who has the right background and hunger to learn more. In any case, you shall have strong problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

  • Degree in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, or a field related to data analytics
  • Demonstrated skills in one or more modern data analysis languages or libraries (TensorFlow, Pandas, Scipy, R, or other) and experience in using scientific Python
  • Willingness to work with and learn cloud-based data technologies such as Redshift, Grafana, Kafka, Kinesis, and Mongo
  • Strong data-driven thinking and ambition to lead data related topics in the company
  • Motivation and will to make a positive impact in our engineering culture and encourage knowledge sharing
  • Great team working skills and fluent communication in English

What we offer you

We are a new company and a fast-growing team. We see things from a people perspective, observing, learning and responding to their social needs. We are always curious to find better ways to do things and so we question everything. We are driven by the possibilities better urban mobility solutions can unlock. We work with different people, disciplines and companies to make great things happen. MOIA offers a unique opportunity as it combines the best of the startup and corporate worlds. We are an innovative new business based in top locations, but are also backed by a large corporate parent providing funding, resources, know-how and commitment.

Our work is dedicated to transforming the lives of billions – you will be part of this vision